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So I've been mostly housebound for the last four months with plenty of free time. Luckily, while most of life has been on pause, the torrent of incredible music continues unchecked. I've been filling my head with jams of all eras, both new and new to me, and EPISODE #85 of Random Old Records is just a small sample of the musical riches that can be found with a little bit of digging.
Loveland, Ohio's Colemine Records (and its subsidiary Karma Chief) continue to pump out hits, and this time around you'll hear the recent offerings of the Harlem Gospel Travelers, Monophonics, and Michael Nau. Righteous, romantic soul is the vibe most of the way, then it gets slow and easy for awhile before crashing into a more rockin' finish. Along the way you'll meet The Altons, La La Brooks, Heron, Mortimer, Penetration, the Brothers of Soul, and many more. It's an hour of deep cuts for deep heads, so close your eyes and dig in!
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Random Old Records Podcast #85
Released 07/30/20
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1. The Harlem Gospel Travelers - "Fight On!"
(Fight On!, Colemine 2020)
2. Monophonics - "Chances"
(It's Only Us, Colemine 2020)
3. The Altons - "When You Go (That's When You'll Know)"
(Penrose Records Vol. 1, Penrose 2020)
4. Black Velvet - "Is It Me You Really Love"
(Loving On The Flipside, Now Again 2012)
--Throwing trash down a hole!
5. Brothers Of Soul - "You Better Believe It"
(Harmony Of The Soul, Kent 2016)
6. Sandra King - "Leave It Up To The Boys"
(Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul, Kent 2017)
7. Rudolph Taylor - "What's That You Got"
(Lost Soul Gems From Sounds Of Memphis, Kent 2012)
8. La La Brooks - "What's Mine Is Yours"
(All Or Nothing, Norton 2013)
9. Angela Munoz - "In My Mind"
(Introspection, Linear Labs 2020)
--No crash, no bang, no boom!
10. Michael Nau - "No Quit"
(No Quit 7", Karma Chief 2019)
11. Heron - "Bye And Bye"
(Upon Refelction: The Dawn Anthology, Castle 2006)
12. Mortimer - "Ingenue's Theme"
(On Our Way Home, RPM 2017)
13. Jason Dene - "It's Me"
(Men Of The Moment, Teensville 2019)
14. King Edward and His B.D.'s - "Beg Me"
(Days Of A Quiet Sun, Feel It 2020)
15. Band Of Gold - "Like A Hurricane"
(Down In The Valley 2, Perfect Toy 2018)
--A life saver?
16. U.K. Jones - "Let Me Tell Ya"
(All The Young Droogs, RPM 2019)
17. Marie Marie - "Do You Do You Brush Your Teeth"
(Je Suis Punk, Faux 2013)
18. Penetration - "Lover Of Outrage"
(Moving Targets, Virgin 1978)
19. Cassie - "Will You?"
(Will You 7", Reminder 2020)
20. Cheryl - "It's Me"
(Killer Kiss 7", Reminder 2020)

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