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Country music always played a part in The Beatles' story, more so than it probably gets credit for. Cavern and Hamburg sets featured covers of songs from the likes of Chet Atkins and Carl Perkins, while George's early lead style is massively influenced by them as well, all the way down to his choice of guitar. Ringo's love of country ends up with him doing a full on country album with studio giants in 1971 in Nashville, but before that, he dips his toes in the the country pool with his own songs and cover choices, like #200, "Act Naturally." Ringo's natural acting chops had come to the forefront in their first two films, so it made the most sense for him to be the one singing "they're gonna put the in the movies" on this Buck Owens tune. His persona carries the tune as well, leaning into the "aw shucks"ness naturally inherent in his voice, and for 4 guys who grew up as far away from "country" as possible, they do a fine job on this tune, which serves it's purpose well as the token Ringo vocal on "Help!".

Joining us this week is Chapel Hart, a country band consisting of 2 sisters, Danica and Devyn, and their cousin Trea. Their single "Jesus & Alcohol" is currently working it's way up the CMT charts and at country radio, as they try finding safe and smart ways to continue touring and working as a band during cover. They were recently named Mississippi Songwriters of the Year, and we discuss learning about songwriting from the diversity of the radio and learning wordplay from John Lennon. We also touch on crossing over from country to rock and vice versa, keeping a thesaurus and a wrench in your purse, and how they got Z.Z. Top legend Billy Gibbons to appear in their music video. Find out all at about Chapel Hart at www.chapelhart.com, check them out on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Their video for "Jesus & Alcohol," featuring Billy MF'in Gibbons, can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_bMgoPAlTY

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