Bosses and Burnout: Three Things Leaders Should Know


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Burnout on the job is costing us millions of dollars annually, but the solutions leaders are putting into place to solve the problem are missing the point. Here’s what you need to know about burnout, and three effective strategies we as leaders can take to deal with it when it arises, and even prevent it from appearing in the first place.
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  • Beyond Burnout on Amazon
  • Costs of burnout:
    • Nearly 25% of international employees experience burnout “very often” or “always”
    • An estimated one million workers are absent every day due to job stress
    • Costs to larger companies can be $3.5 million a year
  • Three signs of burnout:
    • Feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion
    • Increased mental distance from the job or feelings of cynicism
    • Reduced professional efficacy
Burnout is “chronic, sustained and long-term stress at work…when that feeling of drowning under work-related stress doesn’t subside.” – Suzi McAlpine
“When our teammates exhibit signs of chronic exhaustion, increased cynicism, withdrawal from work, or a decrease in efficacy, there could be a problem. If they manifest all three, it’s time to take action – that tire is about to blow.” - Ken Downer

“When we organize in ways that maximize our teammates’ say not only in what they do, but how they do it, we heighten their potential for motivation, and decrease the likelihood of costly burnout.” - Ken Downer
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