Herd Mentality: What We Can Learn About Leadership From Ancient Americans


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In the days before they had horses and rifles, ancient Americans successfully hunted the enormous and dangerous American Bison in a surprising way. By taking advantage of its herd mentality, a few bold warriors were able to manipulate the actions of hundreds of buffalo. As social animals ourselves, we can learn a lot from their tactics to help make us better leaders today.

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In general, when we are unsure of ourselves, when the situation is unclear or ambiguous, when uncertainty reigns, we are most likely to look to and accept the actions of others as correct.” - Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.

Social proof isn’t really proof at all.” - Ken Downer

In the end, it’s not really leading if all we’re doing is imitating those around us so that others will imitate us.” - Ken Downer

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