Aaron Cole Build-A-Bar Freestyle Challenge | Pen Game 101


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Pen Game 101 is a show created by Rapzilla that sees panelists dissect the "Pen" of the artist, then play a "Game" with the artist, and then get taken to school "101" by the artist.

Season 2 kicks off with Aaron Cole and his new project 'TWO UP TWO DOWN'. He talks about his relationships with fellow artists, controlling his ego, and what went into creating his album.

Meet the Panelists:

Justin Sarachik https://twitter.com/JustinSarachik

Luc DiMarzio https://twitter.com/LucDiMarzio

Cutright https://twitter.com/mistercutright

Elijah Matos https://twitter.com/ElijahReyDavid

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