#10 Business Travel Expert Roundtable | Brian Sumers & Ilene Onieal


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Long-haul international travel and business travel are the buzzwords we are watching the closest lately. Industry experts agree these sectors will be the last to return. How long will it take? To what capacity will it return? Is our current optimism warranted?

Host, Jason DuVernay sits down with industry experts Brian Sumers of Skift.com and Global Travel Manager Ilene Onieal to try and make sense of it all. Will Southwest's high-frequency play attract small business travelers? Have travel policy restrictions been relaxed? Is government support creating an unequal playing field? What does this mean for you and your career?


[02:07] Introductions

[05:20] How can airlines retain small to medium-sized business accounts?

[08:16] Will brand loyalty be enough to keep travel accounts?

[10:40] Southwest's high-frequency play.

[12:56] High-end leisure travel, will it return?

[15:26] Can we be optimistic?

[17:10] Leisure carriers going public, what does it mean for the industry?

[18:04] Have travel policy restrictions been relaxed? What is the new timeline?

[21:15] Business meetings and events, where are they?

[23:49] Sustainability?

[24:40] How will business travel return?

[29:19] American's 10K, whispers of bankruptcy protection?

[31:13] Is government support creating an uneven playing field?

[32:22] Is Scott Kirby delusional, or is he seeing an opportunity others cannot see?

[37:27] Future of the industry.

[38:18] Border restrictions and testing, how bad is it?

[43:20] Do you think we will get back to 2018 numbers...soon?

[50:38] Upcoming episode teaser.


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