#5 Can Cargo Save Passenger Airlines? | Former AA, VP Laura Freeland


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We've seen passenger airlines make huge strides in their cargo capabilities this year, but is it enough to save them? Former VP of Cargo for American Airlines and Qatar Airways, Laura Freeland, sits down with Jason to answer this question and more.

This episode covers the cargo questions, dealing with industry change, and dealing with personal change, and embracing vulnerability. I almost broke it into two episodes but decided to release it as one long multi-faceted conversation. Largely, we cover airline revenue management from her perspective as a company leader, change management, and preparing for the future. I really love where we go toward the end, tons of good advice from a great industry leader!


Part 1: Cargo Revenue Management

3:34 - Laura's background and introduction including her involvement in the dynamics of cargo.

6:10 - AGIFORS - Dynamics of airline revenue management and Laura's part in it. Perishables and vaccine transportation.

16:33 - Considering your multiple executive positions, can you help pilots like me understand what's going on in our industry?

19:49 - Cash burn and liquidity compared to 9/11.

22:13 - How important is it for our listeners to pay attention to what's going on in other sectors of the travel industry?

28:52 - Can cargo revenue turn around passenger airlines?

33:36 - If a passenger airline is converting aircraft to cargo, what does that say about how they view the future?

Part 2 - Change Management and Overcoming Adversity

48:06 - What is change management? How will these shakeups affect airlines?

50:22 - What can airline managers be doing better in this environment?

54:36 - What one thing can pilots and flight attendants be aware of to better help them understand what their managers are deciding?

1:02:04 - Fight for culture.

1:07:46 - Embrace vulnerabilities.

1:10:59 - Laura's keys to success as a former hiring manager

1:12:42 - Advice for dealing with adversity including her time working in the Middle East.

1:21:28 - Candor & resilience getting through difficult times.

Part 3 - State of The Industry and Preparation

1:32:54 - Leading indicators to watch for and using aviation knowledge outside of the industry.

1:41:02 - Finding control and understanding why knowing your strengths is so important.


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