#7 The Valley of Death and Helping Veterans | Erik Sabiston - RTAG


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We sit down with Erik Sabiston to hear the story of what his crew went through during one of the most decorated Dustoff missions in history. I selfishly wanted to hear this story. Having known Erik for over three years now our conversations have largely been focused on simply helping vets get jobs. Sadly, I had never taken the time to listen to his story, to learn more about my friend Erik.

Erik is the author of Dustoff 7-3 and the pilot in command of the heroic missions outlined in the biography Erik has been through hell, and his story is one that should be heard.

Rotary To Airline Group, or RTAG, began as a campaign to address the national pilot shortage with both professional and experienced Rotary Wing Aviators. This movement has since evolved, now endeavoring to place Veterans in the Airline Industry, regardless of their experience. We highlight the goals of the organization and how its mission has recently changed.


[06:03] "I wrote this book to get rid of it."

[16:53] What drove Erik to join the military

[30:10] SCUM and WOC Rocks, what the heck is going on in Ft. Rucker?

[36:22] How losing his best friend inspired Erik to join the fight

[45:09] What does it mean to be awarded medals?

[49:56] To the "Valley of Death."

[53:09] J'Bad

[54:06] They landed on a mattress?

[55:45] What the heck is Dustoff?

[1:03:27] "I hated this place, but I knew I was going to miss it."

[1:23:29] Snoopin' & Poopin'

[1:28:51] The toll of deployments

[1:46:58] Dustoff 7-3

[2:29:21] The importance of having an outlet

[2:32:27] Thank you

[2:34:30] RTAG - The Veteran to Aviation Charity


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