Be the Freakin Change with Supermodel Iskra Lawrence


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Iskra Lawrence is breaking the model mould! 📸

After spending years dedicating all her energy in pursuit of being “skinny enough” to model, Iskra learned to embrace her body, finding both love for herself and her mission in life.

She’s speaking up and revolutionizing the fashion industry (and women’s self-love everywhere!). Through body dysmorphia and an eating disorder, Iskra pushed back and fought to bring reality to the runway.

She took her dream of seeing a rainbow of different bodies, races, sizes and shapes to create a viral movement, inspiring women across the globe.

She’s bringing it all today as we talk about:

💕 The importance of representation in the media

💕 The one sentence she hates (and how it should change)

💕 How to face rejection with grace (and skyrocket above it!) 🚀

💕 The Body Positivity Movement & the struggles within

💕 MOTHERHOOD (and her TOP 3 self-care tools!)

Let's dive in for some serious Raw Talk!


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