Elena Davies is Drop Dead Sexy (+ So Are You)


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There is a constant pressure of being valued for the way that we look.

There is a constant barrage of expectations for keeping your body a certain way.

And yet we have so much to give beyond the way that we look.

That’s why I want to share with you my conversation with Elena Davies, who was always the “bad girl” growing up in Texas, then became a radio personality, reality TV star (you may remember her from Big Brother), and now hosts her own podcast.

After feeling like her only value was in her looks...

Now, Elena believes that the hottest girl in every room is the one that is the most confident. 🔥

Tune in to this episode to hear:

  • Taboo sex topics 🤫
  • How fame as impacted body struggles (and what it’s like to see yourself on TV)
  • How she keeps it raw and real on Instagram (seriously, go follow her, she is hilarious)
  • How she lost her virginity (and what happened afterward…)
  • What makeup and beauty mean to her
  • How she turned negative thoughts into a positive mindset (and that made a huge difference!)

Let's dive in!

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