Paralympic Gold Medalist Brenna Huckaby on Mindset, Self Love and Breaking Boundaries


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From Paralympics to Sports Illustrated, Brenna Huckaby is changing the narrative!

Brenna faced life-altering obstacles after losing her leg to cancer at the age of 14. Reforging her identity, she fought for her next big thrill; snowboarding! 🏂

Chasing after World Championships and working extra hard to thrive after an unexpected pregnancy at 19, she’s become a 2-time gold medalist and is proving to the world that no matter what happens, you can keep living your life and chasing your dreams.

Brenna’s sliding into today’s episode to talk about:

💕Her cancer diagnosis and journey to overcome it

💕How she found snowboarding (and how it helped her heal)

💕The moment she overcame her self-doubt (get ready for goosebumps!)

💕Her secret power for pushing through fear

💕The one BIG thing she wants to instill in people all around the world

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