The Self Love Diet with Paul Fishman


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“No one was talking about self-love, let alone men talking about self-love”

From emotionally strained people-pleaser to becoming a leader in the self-love space, Paul Fisher is pioneering a new type of diet that has nothing to do with weight loss…🚫

...and everything to do with nourishing self-love! 🥰

Paul is an intuitive healer, self-love coach, business mentor, and the host of the top-rated podcast “The Road To Self Love”. He’s reshaping people’s relationships with themselves through his program The Self-Love Diet, one pillar at a time.

He’s opening up about his journey towards true self-love, and talking about:

💕 Why people-pleasing isn’t good for you (and what to do instead)

💕 Why healing your trauma is your responsibility (and how you can do it safely) 🩹

💕 The challenges of family relationships (and how to navigate them)

💕 The 5 pillars of self love

💕 The ONE person who can truly love you the way you need to be loved 💞

Ready to dive in!?

PS - We’re sharing our exciting new idea for a reality TV show as well! Don’t miss it! 🤯

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