Reliving The War Episode 36 - June 10th 1996


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With only one week to go until The Great American Bash, WCW continue to turn up the heat with the arrival of Scott Hall's "big surprise". Kevin Nash shows up on Nitro, and he's siding with Scott Hall in a quest to take over World Championship Wrestling. This episode of Nitro also includes a WCW Championship match featuring The Giant and Scott Norton, and the Tag Team Championships are also on the line in this week's main event.

Over on the WWF channel things aren't looking so good. The company have been hyping the 1996 King of The Ring during their recent Raw episodes yet the WWF are also lacking the excitement that WCW currently brings. The overall nature of the WWF's shows aren't changing while WCW fires on all cylinders, but the King of the Ring will eventually give us a true Monday Night War game changing superstar.

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