Episode 18 - Interview with Particle Physicist (and Red Sox analyst) - Designated Juicer - No-Nos and Other News


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In this week's episode of RBaseball Weekly (the weekly podcast from the baseball subreddit), Louis and Mazz discuss all of the dominant pitching from the last week (including the 2nd no hitter of 2021), Yadi's catching record, early season success (and failures), and the electric Padres-Dodgers series. Then Jimmy and Mazz sit down with Dr. Tyler Burch, a particle physicist who recently was hired as an analyst for the Boston Red Sox, to talk about the interview process, advances in statistical models, and other PhD related baseball things. Finally, Jimmy and Andy sit down to talk about an annual topic on the subreddit - the Designated Juicer rule.

24:30 - Interview with Tyler Burch

59:25 - Designated Juicer

NOTE: For aspiring front office analysts who don't think getting a PhD in particle physics is their path, take a listen to Episode 9 when we sit down with Ethan Moore on his path to becoming an analyst with the Minnesota Twins: https://anchor.fm/rbaseball-podcast/episodes/Episode-9---Rules-Change--Balls-Change--Minors-Change---Interview-with-Ethan-Moore-eqdie9

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