Episode 6 - HoF and Twitter Rep Obits - Trivia Segment TBNL #2 - Interview with Jay Jaffe


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In Episode 6, Louis and Deej remember Don Sutton and Hank Aaron before diving into Ken Rosenthal's terrible twitter week, along with looking at the Springer and Brantley deals. Then Andrew brings back Andy and Jeremy for another story-filled round of baseball trivia on the pitchers who gave up famous homers. Finally, Mazz joins Louis in interviewing Fangraphs Senior Writer and JAWS inventor Jay Jaffe on his Hall of Fame voting process, the character clause and Schilling, and his thoughts on the Hall of Fame voting system. Thanks to r/baseball users voitss, E70M, liljakeyplzandthnx, and kingfiasco for their questions for Jay Jaffe that were used in some form.

22:30 - Trivia Segment TBNL

39:40 - Interview with Jay Jaffe

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