Brewing quality, testing and BIRA


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Brews News ran a story last week detailing the concerning results of a pilot study by Queensland Health. The study saw an analysis of the abv of 25 craft beers and compared the results to the ABV declared on the label.

Eighty per cent of the samples fell outside the allowable variation.

We understand anecdotally that these results have been replicated more widely in informal testing by other bodies.

Following that story, BIRA - Brewing Interlaboratory Reference Analytes - and is the brewing industry’s not-for-profit testing scheme - issued a statement noting that as food and beverage manufacturers, compliance with labelling standards is critical, especially in such a sensitive area as ABV labelling where there are real consumer safety issues at stake.

The group encouraged brewers to participate in the scheme that works to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of analytical beer testing.

We heard from a number of BIRA members and others with a keen interest in market quality of beer wanting to discuss the issue and what follows is the recording of that panel discussion.

In addition to explaining the work of BIRA, this conversation covers a wide range of issues around beer quality testing and its importance.

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