IBD Conference Preview - Mashing secrets with Doug Michael


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Due to COVID The IBD Asia Pacific conference will be held virtually from 23rd - 24th February 2021.

The IBD is one of the leading brewing training organisations globally, and its conference is open to brewers of all sizes, however, there is a perception that the Institute and its conference is targeted to major brewing companies.

To give smaller breweries a taste of what’s on offer at the conference, BreweryPro is speaking to a number of presenters from the 2018 conference in Wellington about their presentations to give you a taste of what this year's conference can offer you.

In this conversation, we speak with, Maltster Doug Michael from Gladfield Malt, about the secrets to mashing, as seen by the person who makes the malt.

As you’ll see, Doug is no-nonsense and wants to - in his words - cut through the bullshit and get to the nitty-gritty of mashing.

And that was Doug Michael from Gladfiedl Malt. You can find Doug’s contact details in the show notes, together with the presentation notes.

You will also find details of the conference program for the 2021 conference, including the Ecolab Trade Night Events which will now all be held on Monday 22 February.

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