Mastering Your Packaging Efficiency


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In this BreweryPro podcast we look at data from the packaging line. We speak with James Magee, CEO of manufacturing software company OFS about a report the company released recently, the Craft Brewers Benchmark study that found that craft brewers can only run their packaging line for 12 minutes before it stops.

It also found that most craft brewers spend 46% of their time on the packaging line doing things other than filling cans and bottles of beer.

We wanted to find out more about the data, where it come from and how ofs says it can help measure and reduce inefficiency.

If you want to find out more about how the software is used in-brewery, you can register for the upcoming webinar featuring Greg Stones, Supply Chain Manager of Tribe Breweries, designed for brewers who want to know what a good day on their packaging line looks like and – most importantly – how they can sustainably and repeatedly improve their bottom line.

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