Ep. 59 - Podcast Madness & Slapping People


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In this episode we get the gang back together as I am joined by Jaime, Johnny Deep and Hiram. We start by talking about the NCAA tournament and our disinterest in it. Duke fails to make the last dance for Coach K. We then talk about WrestleMania and some wardrobe malfunctions. Stone Cold saves the event with two appearances.
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We get into our BBQ talk as we give a recap of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program Courage to Change Cookoff. We battled through exhaustion and the Valley weather as we do our best to get some calls. After the dust clears, Johnny remains the chicken whisperer with a 2nd place call. Hector manages to get a 7th place brisket and I get a 6th place brisket call. Could have been better but over all we had a great time.

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We go behind the Red Carpet at the Oscars as we break down the Will Smith slap and all the repercussion. Some of us think Will gets cancelled and some think he will be alright. We compare his situation to the Mel Gibson situation.

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We end up going off the rails and talking about new cook off clothes, our new mascot and our next cookoff.

A bunch of joes that cook like pros!!!

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