S3 EP 159: *Special Edition: High Achievers Series* How to Allocate Your Wealth Between Stocks, Angel Investing, & Real Estate


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“It takes money to make money.” We’ve all heard the saying and the reality is it’s true. The fact is there are many investment vehicles to choose from, and the opportunities and allure can sometimes be almost overwhelming. In today’s High Achievers Series, I am sharing my opinion on how I personally diversify my portfolio to help you determine where to allocate your funds for strategically growing your wealth. There’s no one way fits all approach to this, and I’m certainly not an investment advisor; however, if you’re evaluating how to further diversify your own portfolio, these are my opinions and thoughts on where strategic success can be built. While the bottom line is important, the journey can and should still be aligned to logic, your passions, and your why!

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