Podcast: For Real Estate Agents Only, #1 Often Overlooked Wealth Building 'Secret' | Tim and Julie Harris


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Podcast: Tim and Julie Harris Sunday Special Show. Why are the Sunday shows so...'special'? Well, on Sunday Tim and Julie discuss whatever is on their minds. They often focus on real estate and business topics, but don't be surprised if you hear about aliens and other odd topics. That is what the Sunday show is all about, odd conversations, showing appreciation and gratitude. On today's show Tim and Julie answer a listeners email about what it means to truly be 'financially rich'. (The answer may surprise you). Traditional paths to wealth building are showing their fragility in light of the quickly changing world economy. The new ways of building wealth can allow you to become 'rich and free' in years vs decades. Perfect podcast if you are looking for motivation and direction for the rest of 2020 into 2021.

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