Podcast: 20 Proactive Lead Generation Rules (Scripts, Systems and Mindset) | Tim and Julie Harris


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Are you passive, waiting for things to happen...or are you proactive where you make things happen? Chances are you are passive. What is your mindset about lead generation? If you are buying leads, dripping on leads etc etc you are a passive lead generator. Would you be surprised to learn that one of the biggest reasons agents fail (its reported that 85% fail in less than 24 months) is because they never learn to be PROACTIVE lead generators and as a result never proactive for other critical aspects of their business and often personal lives. It really can be that simple, if you are proactive in life and business you will have an almost unfair advantage. Especially in a time when some many real estate professionals (and sales pros in general) have never learned how to be proactive. As always, Thank-You for joining the 10s of 1000s of real estate professionals that listen (and download) Tim and Julie Harris's Podcast every day.

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