Podcast: Prospecting, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway (Simple Mindset Shift) | Tim and Julie Harris


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The simple fact is you must learn to be a proactive lead generator (prospector) to have a career in any sales focused industry. There are NO shortcuts. Of course, there are things you can do to enhance your prospecting (social media, videos etc), but never replace prospecting. Every true sales professional in any industry will tell you that nothing replaces prospecting. One of the biggest reasons that most businesses fail, why 85% of all agents fail within 24 months is that they never learn how to be proactive with their lead generation. Since the normalization of social networking as a lead generation tool the failure rate of agents has INcreased. What stops most agents from moving foward to become proactive lead generators always comes down to ONE word....FEAR. Listen to todays show and Tim and Julie Harris will show you how to move past fear. Once you learn to recognize the fear within yourself you can then choose how to react to that fear. Listen now.

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