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Our criteria for a deal always starts with: Can we find a buyer for it? By focusing on what your buyers want and shopping for that target, you’ll always be able to sell your lease options. In part 4 of our Virtual Profits Workshop, we’re going to cover how to find buyers, and how to talk to sellers.

There are two main reasons that you can’t sell a deal. Most commonly, it’s just straight up overpriced. If the house is on the market for a couple of months, you’re going to have to come down in price to get it to move. The second reason is that you’re not marketing it in front of the right people.

So let’s talk about how to get more eyeballs on your property. Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups, bandit signs in front of the house, and the classics Craisglist and Zillow are still great places to advertise a house. Property managers and Realtors are also great resources for helping you build a buyer’s list.

Gavin is a master at helping sellers talk about their motivations for selling. Before you pick up the phone you need to decide: What do you want from your phone call, and how long do you need to talk to get that information? By focusing on the four pieces to a deal, you can decide what kind of offer will work in that situation:

—Situation and motivation




When you pick up the phone, set the agenda up front. Tell the seller what you’re going to ask, and then give him a chance to say no. Gavin and I talk through a couple of role plays so that you can see how to naturally get the information you need to make an offer and then make your exit.

What's Inside:

—You never want to rely on one buyer’s opinion.

—How Gavin creates the criteria for a list to call.

—Why I absolutely love local hard money lenders.

—Hear us role-play a couple of scenarios so you can see just how easy it is.

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