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One of the reasons that Gavin is able to travel around the US is because he’s set himself up as a virtual wholesaler. His team is all over the world supporting his business and sending him warm leads that are ready for offers. He interviews two of his VAs today to talk about their training and strategies for having natural conversations with sellers.

Gavin really believes that the money is in the follow up, which is why he invests so much time and training in touching base with sellers who aren’t quite ready, but might be soon. Tools like my CRM REI Simple and Podio help his VAs keep good notes to refer to when they call a seller back. It’s going to be rare that a seller is ready to commit to an offer on your first contact, so if you don’t have a system to track your conversations with them, it’ll be harder to build that rapport that you need.

LJ and Ralph give their best tips for nurturing conversations with sellers, and working with a virtual team. Gavin’s going to try an experiment where he goes back to a CRM that he hasn’t touched in two years. He’s going to see how many deals he missed out on because he stopped following up, and he’s going to see how many deals he can close on leads that are two years old. Sign up for his emails to follow along for further proof that the money is in the follow up.

What's Inside:

—Gavin’s VAs talk about what the difference is between cold calling and nurturing a warm lead.

—The scripts that the VAs use when they call a phone number attached to an LLC.

—How the VAs train and support each other.

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