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I tell you all the time that your speed to income is directly proportional to the number of offers you make. And RJ Bates is absolute living proof of that. After making $750,000 in assignment fees in one year, he decided to challenge himself by closing 50 deals in 50 days in 50 states. And to up the ante, he did it in front of a live audience on YouTube.

Until 2017, BJ could find all of his deals on the MLS, and in fact, he’s never even done marketing. He didn’t even know it was a thing. But as his leads dried up, he knew he had to put together a marketing budget to find more sellers. Cold calling, texting, and Facebook ads started pulling in more sellers, and by then, he’d learned to narrow down his phone conversations to just 3 questions:

—Is the house tenant or owner-occupied?

—If it’s tenant-occupied, what’s the rent?

—Is the condition scary, ugly, good, or perfect?

Then he sends them a digital contract and asks them to sign it. He takes massive action, and he makes offer after offer.

Now, you might have this perception that some markets are crazy hard, like Anchorage, Alaska. But after pounding the phones for 50 straight days, RJ says that the market’s only hard if it’s oversaturated with wholesalers. For him, he noticed that anything west of Texas was extremely hard to find even a tiny marginal deal. Anchorage, Alaska, on the other hand, had so little wholesaler competition that it was easy to scoop up deals.

Checkout his YouTube channel for some of the craziest moments, like when the seller he was talking to Googled him and then hopped into his live video feed. If you’re ready to jump into wholesaling, check out my newest FREE calculator at that’ll help you nail down a good price for a property, offer an easy contract to a seller, and lock up a deal in this hot market.

What's Inside:

—Why tired landlords are RJ’s sweet spot.

—The 3 questions RJ asks on the phone before sending over a digital contract to lock up the deal.

—RJ paid $60,000 to learn how to wholesale from a coach, but nothing taught him like picking up the phone and talking to sellers.

—Scaling up to do business in 50 states required RJ to tap into networks he didn’t have; he explains how you can do the same thing.

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