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How would you like to blow the currently ready-to-burst residential real estate bubble right out of the water while SNEAKING INTO HOT MARKETS with the full force of the federal government supporting you? My guest today has been doing this for YEARS (through more than ONE bubble folks) and he’s going to tell you all about it. I’m Carole Ellis. This is episode 81. Wouldn’t it be great if the rumors of an about-to-burst real estate bubble meant absolutely NOTHING to you other than more profits, more opportunities, and even better access to WHITE-HOT REAL ESTATE MARKETS? Of course it would! And more importantly, it CAN mean that. My guest today, Sean Carpenter, has spent YEARS (and multiple real estate cycles) leveraging the full force of the federal government in his real estate investing business doing exactly that, and today’s he’s going to get into just why residential real estate is about to GO BUST again and why it’s the best news anyone working with public funding (and that can and should be you) could possibly hear. Sean is the president and CEO of Shamrock Development Associates, a full-scale development, consulting, public relations, corporate marketing, and asset and property management firm. He started out in real estate as an acquisitions officer for a national low income housing tax credit syndicator and eventually got SO GOOD at figuring out ways to take great real estate opportunities and turn them into LOCAL JOBS, economic opportunities, tax credits, and HUGELY PROFITABLE DEALS that he was commissioned to work with state senators, national development companies, and many, many not-for-profit agencies working hard to turn local communities around. And while Sean is great at making local communities grow, he knows that the best way to keep the growth going is to build in profits for those local communities, developers, and dealmakers. That’s why Sean’s take on public funding programs, government tax credits, and even federal real estate subsidies is EXTREMELY UNIQUE and extremely attractive to real estate investors at all levels. During our recent interview, Sean disclosed a trend that he’s noticing in the national real estate market that is going to mean BIG TROUBLE for the vast majority of real estate investors like those of you listening. Here’s what he said: “The residential real estate space is crowded and reaching peak value. Go to an event anywhere around the country. You’ll see flipping this and flipping that in residential. There are a lot of people working in the space and it’s getting more and more crowded.” This is a big deal, folks, because national numbers indicate that even though more investors than ever are involved in residential real estate, fewer and fewer home BUYERS are able to afford to purchase that residential real estate, that is to say, fewer and fewer people are able to afford their own homes. In fact, according to a CNBC report on a recent Trulia study, some of the lowest interest rates in history are basically going to waste because people just can’t afford to buy. Down payments alone take up a full fifth or more of the average American’s annual salary, and that means that most would-be buyers are quite simply and wholly priced out of homeownership, possibly permanently. Does the combination of more and more people trying to get in and sell single-family homes (not even counting the actual homeowners out there trying to sell) and fewer and fewer people being able to AFFORD those homes sound like a toxic combination? You bet it does! But Sean had a simple solution for forward thinking investors, and the nice thing about this solution is that not only is there relatively little competition in the space, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can actually just go ahead and get the federal government to basically support your personal real estate deals in this area and push you (financially, to be clear) toward bigger and better profits! Here’s what he said: “Beat the bubble! What you won’t find is a whole lot of people working on commercial properties. And what you absolutely won’t find is a whole lot of people working on commercial properties AND bringing in government funding, which WORKS LIKE MAGIC and is a white-hot market right now. Affordable housing is a constant conversation and it’s the best (and sometimes only) way to sneak into the really hot markets.” So what does Sean mean when he says “affordable housing” and tells you to get involved in government-funded commercial real estate deals? Well, it sounds a bit intimidating, but it’s actually quite simple. Here’s the 10-second breakdown: By obtaining government funding to do commercial deals that create economic development, local jobs, and affordable housing opportunities (because they’re multifamily rental properties in a lot of cases) you can do HUGELY PROFITABLE government-supported deals that land you not only profits but tax credits, great publicity, and SERIOUSLY VALUABLE experience that you can then leverage within and outside of the real estate industry by consulting if you don’t even want to do deals. Sound exciting? Yes, I think so. And what’s perhaps even MORE exciting is that although this might sound a bit complicated, Sean is offering a limited-time extended training on this topic and REI Today is presenting it for a limited time this week. Reserve your spot now so that you can get all the details on exactly how to make the leap from your current real estate investing business to HUGELY PROFITABLE real estate endeavors supported by your government that, as a little bonus, create SHOVEL-READY JOBS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and lead directly to further JOB CREATION and a total career shift (if you want it) into high-profile consulting and SERIOUSLY BENEFICIAL (for you and your community) projects and developments. Go to to register right now, because EXPOSED is what Sean is going to do to some of the BIGGEST and BEST-KEPT INSIDER SECRETS about how to make the federal government (we’re talking not just grants but tax credits, development funds, forgivable loans, the works) go to work for your real estate business the same way CONNECTED INSIDERS have been doing for YEARS. That’s Folks, Sean has worked INSIDE The System and knows what makes federally-funded real estate really tick. Get access to all his insights during this extended training and make the switch for yourself. Go to right now. REI Nation, thanks for listening in, and please always remember this: Your best investment is your OWN education.

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