Hugely Successful LEFT-WING INVESTOR Reveals: How TRUMP REALLY MADE HIS MONEY | Episode 80


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The TRUTH about TRUMP is out at last: Real Estate Investing Today interviewed a HIGHLY CONNECTED real estate insider who basically blew the lid off just how Donald Trump has been so successful in real estate, and it’s not what you’ve heard before, and it’s something you can TOTALLY replicate, starting now. I’ve got the details in today’s episode. I’m Carole Ellis. This is episode 80. So what did Donald Trump REALLY DO to get so successful in real estate? We all know that spending money helps you make money, but where did the Donald get his? Well, thanks to an exclusive interview with highly connected real estate investor Sean Carpenter, who has spent the last few decades working within the public sector and LEVERAGING PUBLIC FUNDING PROGRAMS to not only fuel his own investing career, but also help local non-profits, state politicians, and even entire towns change the face of their housing markets using federal subsidies and tax credits, I can tell you that right now. Sean is an EXPERT in multifamily affordable housing and development (that means low-income housing in a lot of cases), and while you may not think TRUMP TOWER and affordable housing in the same sentence frequently, maybe you should. Here’s what Sean said about Donald Trump’s RISE in real estate, that is to say, what TRUMP did before he was “the Donald.” Here’s the deal: Think back, for a moment, to the time (perhaps blissful for you, perhaps not) before Donald Trump became the presumptive republican nominee for president. He was famous for any number of things, but most of all he is famous for his success in real estate. His fortune is built on it, and he wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to ever do the many other things he’s famously done (make and break himself multiple times, buy and sell casino empires, declare bankruptcy and come out smelling like a rose, start multiple hit television shows, own entire beauty pageant competitions…well, you get the idea) if it weren’t for real estate. And, if you’ve checked out REI Today’s somewhat notorious Trump Timeline, you already know that Trump has been in real estate his ENTIRE life and his family was in real estate before he was. But what enabled him to TRULY make the leap from pretty successful real estate developer to MEGA SUCCESSFUL? Well, that has always been a bit cloudy, and speculation has ranged from everything from dirty double dealing (no real evidence of that in the public purview by the way) to simply a lucky strike (or 10) in the New York City real estate market. But the truth, Sean points out, is actually much, much simpler and, most exciting, MUCH MORE ACCESSIBLE to real estate investors everywhere. Back in the day, when Donald Trump was just another real estate investor, he did something that any real estate investor can do literally RIGHT NOW: He got into the government funding business and he started investing using the full power of the federal government to gain his success. Sean is the insider here guys. He’s been in the business for decades, and he knows how it’s done. Furthermore, he knows how Trump did it. Here ya’ go. Sean said: “Donald Trump is in the real estate business but even more importantly, he’s in the government funding business. He surrounds himself with people who do what we do, and one thing he says” (over and over again, I might add) is that “IGNORANCE IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN EDUCATION.” Now, Sean went on from there to detail three ways that Trump has been using the full force of federal funding for years in order to make money in real estate and let me assure you, he was doing it LONG before he started appeared on the presidential race scene. He was doing it back when he was getting started, just like so many REI Today listeners listening right now. First, Sean said, Trump and investors like him use people LIKE SEAN to help identify government funding programs that provide them with GRANT MONEY that does not have to be paid back for their investments. Did Trump identify each and every opportunity that any given project he took on represented as far as qualifying for government grants went? Absolutely not. He paid someone for that education so that he could keep on building his real estate empire, and by filling that gap in his education, that “ignorance” if you will, he was able to fund project after project to successful completion. Second, Sean told me, Trump and investors like him ALWAYS go after low-income tax credits. Imagine knowing that huge chunks of your expenses on a project that was set to be HIGHLY PROFITABLE were going to be tax deductible thanks to someone else’s accounting know-how. Well, if you can imagine it, then once again you and the Donald have something in common. Third, Sean exposed a HUGELY OVERLOOKED RESERVOIR OF DEAL FUNDING that Trump and investors like him tap into regularly: forgivable redevelopment loans. I think you probably know what that means: loans for your projects and deals that you don’t have to repay. They’re going to be FORGIVEN! Now, if you had access to all of this “education” either in the form of directions for YOU or in the form of experts that would become part of your network and assist you, don’t you think you could be happy (not to mention successful) with the SAME START as DONALD TRUMP? Of course you could, and my great news for YOU is that Sean didn’t just do an interview, Sean did an EXTENDED TRAINING on this topic and REI Today is presenting it for a limited time this week. Reserve your spot now so that you can get all the details on the SAME THINGS that Trump did when he was starting out and all the details on how those programs have grown, changed, and IMPROVED to serve YOUR INVESTING NEEDS better than ever before in today’s real estate market. This training is a HUGE EXPOSURE for Sean and I’m so pleased that he decided to do it but, as you might imagine, space is limited and seats will fill fast. Go right now to right now, because EXPOSED is what Sean is going to do to some of the BIGGEST and BEST-KEPT INSIDER SECRETS about how to make the federal government (we’re talking not just grants but tax credits, development funds, forgivable loans, the works) go to work for your real estate business the same way CONNECTED INSIDERS have been doing for YEARS. That’s Don’t delay because space is limited. REI Nation, thanks for listening in, and please always remember this: Just like Donald Trump (and Sean Carpenter) tell us: Your best investment is your OWN education.

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