Make the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IRRELEVANT to Your Real Estate Business | Episode 82


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Wouldn’t it be great if you DIDN’T HAVE TO WORRY about who our next president would be? Well, I may not be able to resolve ALL your issues with The Donald and Hilary, but my guest today CAN help you at least insulate your business from both of them. I’m Carole Ellis. This is Episode 82. So the year of a presidential election is always tough on the economy. Why? Because business does NOT THRIVE when times are uncertain, and what is more uncertain (particularly in THIS presidential competition) than when leadership of the United States of America is up for grabs? Regardless of your personal beliefs, morals, and ethical systems, wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if you knew in the back of your mind that no matter which of these crazy candidates ultimately wins the presidency, YOUR BUSINESS (and by extension, your ability to support your family and loved ones) would remain intact, productive, and profitable? My guest today has managed to pull that off, and that’s why even though he’s got some pretty FAR LEFT opinions when it comes to his personal views, he doesn’t care whether a Republican, a Democrat or even a Libertarian ends up in the White House as far as his business is concerned. His name is Sean Carpenter, and today I’ll tell you exactly what he’s done in his real estate business to insulate it nearly completely from the nasty presidential politics of today. Sean told me that his business revolves around doing real estate deals that are funded by government programs, and these days, he’s particularly focused on multifamily real estate because developments that house multiple families at affordable prices are EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE to the federal government. “The residential real estate market has GONE BAD,” Sean told me, pointing out that residential real estate doesn’t even have any real rules these days when it comes to predicting how a local market will behave. “It’s its own planet,” he laughed, adding that basically quote “a whole lot of people are just trying to create another bubble” in any market that they can. “You know it’s true,” he added. On the other hand, government-funded commercial developments DO have rules, and they’re all written to help the real estate investor WIN. Why? Because the government allocates millions and millions of dollars to helping people find and afford housing and that is becoming more and more important as the residential real estate market gets out of control and affordable housing becomes harder and harder to find. “In the end, I don’t CARE who the next guy or gal in the White House is,” Sean told me, “Because I’ll still be doing something that has to be done, that is needed, it’s a proven fact.” He added, “It doesn’t matter to me who the next president of the United States is because it makes absolutely no difference in the world that I work in,” and noted that he is using the SAME PROGRAMS that presumptive republican presidential nominee Donald Trump uses to fund many of HIS commercial developments, ironically, making it irrelevant (at least to Trump’s BUSINESS INTERESTS) who the next president is either. But what if you’re presently in residential real estate? What if that’s your business? Well, it’s actually a pretty easy switch to make thanks (again) to the government-funded programs and tax credits and subsidies DESIGNED TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO. Take Steve, a contractor for over 30 years. He told us, “Building properties has been my trade as a contractor for 30 years. Now, though, I’m acquiring deals and CASH FLOW with Sean’s help.” You can actually see picture of Steve and several of the properties in his portfolio in Sean’s extended training that he recorded for REI Today and will be offering for a limited time this week. You can register now at, because Sean is EXPOSING the underbelly of federal funding programs and real estate investing in a way that is both unique and highly relevant to real estate investors in ANY SECTOR in today’s market. That’s Folks, these are some of the BIGGEST and BEST-KEPT INSIDER SECRETS about how to make the federal government (we’re talking not just grants but tax credits, development funds, forgivable loans, the works) go to work for your real estate business the same way CONNECTED INSIDERS have been doing for YEARS. That’s Folks, wouldn’t you love to know in the back of your mind that this nutty upcoming election just DIDN’T MATTER, at least to your real estate business? Get that peace of mind and go to right now. REI Nation, thanks for listening in, and please always remember this: Your best investment is your own education.

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