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Wouldn’t you like to know how to GET PAID TWICE on certain real estate transactions and, if you preferred, how to invest in real estate without ever actually owning any property or even getting close to a closing table? As you might imagine, the truth of this matter is a LITTLE DIFFERENT than the hype. I’m Carole Ellis. I’ll give you the down-and-dirty truth about the getting paid twice training today, in Episode 65. So we’d all like to get paid twice on every real estate deal, right? Of course! It’s like killing two birds with one big real estate deal stone. And it’s not really that complicated, either, as you’ll see in a minute. Today, we’re going to closely examine the TRUE STORY about a guy who IS getting paid twice on basically every deal he does and we’re also going to expose what it did to his business in the process. I’ll be honest here: this episode is not going to be what you expected, so buckle up. Before we get into any down-and-dirty exposure, though (hey, clean it up, we’re talking reporting here!) I want to take a minute to talk about another guy that we’ve been giving a lot of exposure to recently: Donald Trump. Now, I know some of you are loving it and some of you are sick unto death of the guy, but he has a real chance at being our next president and as a true, in the flesh, real estate mogul with a hot streak a mile wide and a tongue with very little holding it back, his presidency could put the entire housing industry on its head. Any president can influence the housing market (and most do to one degree or another) but Trump has the ability to deliberately alter the face of the industry in a variety of ways that could be very good OR very bad for real estate investors specifically. So that’s why we’ll continue to follow him (and, don’t worry, we’ll take a look at Hilary every now and again, too) but in order to be fully informed about his PAST in real estate so that you can understand what he might do in the future, I suggest you check out our TRUMP TIMELINE and get a look at just what type of wheeling and dealing form the foundation of Trump’s real estate history. You WILL be surprised, because it’s not quite as glamorous (or as rags-to-riches) as Trump himself and his PR machine would like you to believe. Check out the timeline at and then keep an ear out for more information in the future. Now, let’s get back to today’s exposure, which is TIME-SENSITIVE and highly relevant to REI Today listeners, since it has to do with a certain educational training that explains how to GET PAID TWICE on your real estate deals. First, let’s examine the premise. You know that one of the most important aspects – many peope would argue THE most important aspect – or real estate is having the money to do deals. Now, any number of investors will tell you (and they’re right about this) that if you have a good deal, you can get the money to do it. End of story. And that is true if you know whom to present your deal to, how to attract investors in your deals, and how to structure those deals so that in the end, you and your funding partner are both rewarded for the roles you played. However, a lot of real estate investors NEVER get that far because they’re too intimidated to speak to people or entities that might help with their funding or because they’re not confident enough in their deals, or they don’t have enough time…the list goes on and on and we’re all familiar with it. So funding is a big, big deal for basically all real estate investors at all stages of the game, and it’s a big, big stumbling block for a lot of investors who WOULD be getting paid regularly on deals if they could just fund them. So in the training, the instructor, who is a creative financing expert and also funds hundreds and hundreds of deals himself and on behalf of other private investors, teaches you how to first find the funding for deals, which of course nets you some profit when you put a real estate investor and a lender in contact (that’s paid once), and then points out in some detail that you can use the system to fund your OWN good deals, making money again when the actual transaction closes (that’s paid twice). Boom. So it’s a legitimate claim. But here’s the kicker (and I’ve got a story about a student of his to demonstrate this…) a lot of people don’t actually care for the paid-twice model, and as a result our expert spends a lot of time delving into detail about how to make this system work if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do your OWN DEALS for that second payoff. In fact, it turns out that one of the most successful investors who works with this guy (the name is Rick Martin, by the way, and he’s visible in the training) uses the system to fund his OWN ventures (which include a private equity fund and making construction loans) and just generates money basically to make those businesses work (but, you know, that took about $200,000 in 2014 and 2015 and is likely to take about $450,000 in 2016). But hey, those aren’t bad numbers, right? In fact, I’d say that the whole PAID-ONCE MODEL is pretty successful as well if he’s generating that kind of funding for the business he actually enjoys doing and not having to do real estate deals he doesn’t enjoy on the side. So that’s the down-and-dirty truth on the PAID-TWICE training, and I was pretty happy to figure it out, I have to say. After all, getting paid twice is great if you love the entire process, but imagine what passion you could pursue on the getting-paid-once model if actually DOING REAL ESTATE DEALS isn’t really your thing? Think you could get a nice start with that kind of supplemental income? Um, if you can’t even get started with that kind of change, I really want to know what you’re passionate about JUST to satisfy my curiosity! And speaking of curiosity, if all this has you feeling curious about the PAID-TWICE fuss out there, you can view the training for free at, but space is limited and it closes down at midnight tonight, so please make the time to do it today. You’ll be thrilled that you did and your true passion, whatever it is, will be thrilled as well. That’s (paidtwice is one word). Once you’ve checked out the training, you’ll want to log in to the REI Today Vault as well see what other investors had to say about this strategy. Just head over to, or if you’re not yet a member, text REITODAY (no spaces, no periods) to 33444 and I’ll immediately send you the information you need to get that access and ALSO provide you with fast, immediate access to all sorts of great trainings, news coverage, interviews, and lot more timely information that will help make your investing safer, faster, and more profitable. And remember, when you do that, you’ll also be able to GROW YOUR NETWORK by interacting with me and your fellow listeners to REI Today… so stop by to ask questions, make comments and network with other investors across the country. Text REITODAY no spaces no periods to 33444 or head over to right now. REI Nation, thanks for listening in and always remember this: Your best investment is your own education.

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