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Wouldn’t you like to know the MAIN HOT BUTTONS that cause homeowners to become motivated sellers? I’ve got that information (and how to use it) in today’s episode. I’m Carole Ellis. This is Episode 68. So, wouldn’t you like to know what types of things to look for that are most likely to turn a happy homeowner into a motivated seller, fast? Well, fortunately for you, there is a handy dandy survey going around wherein homeowners flat out tell you exactly what motivates them to move! researchers conducted the survey, and you may be surprised at the top reasons that people finally start to want to sell. I’ll tell you all about it in just a moment, but first I have to give you an interesting update on the sale of a marquis Trump property that just might be nearer in the future than most of us imagined. This past weekend, Donald Trump suggested on Fox and Friends Weekend that he would RATHER sell a building than jump in bed with the Republican “elite” donor class. “They want to have control over me,” he said, adding that he doesn’t want people telling him what to do because they donated money to his campaign. Now, you’ve been hearing a lot about Trump lately (and let’s face it, he’s a huge force not just in politics, but also in real estate, so his actions affect us, and you’re going to hear more), but if you want the political aspects of today’s real estate news on a regular, weekly basis regardless of whether or not the guy has done something headline-snatching in the past five days, then you’re going to want to sign up for REI Today’s Trump Tracker. Join up and get all the latest on Trump’s high jinks, headline grabs, and Hilary bashing and, most importantly, what it means for YOU as a real estate investor and an American citizen by signing up for the Trump Tracker right now at (one word). This is NOT political propaganda or a Trump rallying newsletter. It’s what he’s doing, the truth about what he’s saying, and why it should matter to YOUR investing business and how it affects your bottom line. Period. Stay informed on the race that has more to do with real estate investors and their success than any other presidential race in history with REI Today’s Trump Tracker at You’ll know more than anyone else following the race, and you’ll be the first to be warned if things are about to get seriously hairy (hahahaha). Now, back to what makes happy homeowners into motivated sellers (and this isn’t your typical “Oh, their house burned down or they died or got divorced list” by the way, this stuff is universally applicable). According to’s latest study, nearly half of homeowners move for the simple reason that they don’t like the neighborhood anymore. Households where the head of household is between 35 and 44 or older than 65 are particularly motivated by this need because they tend to be in stages of transition. 65 and older are often retiring, while 35-44 are often growing their families. A great way to target these homeowners is to appeal directly to the cause of the desire to move – often safety, better school systems, or general walkability even – and provide them with a good buying alternative and a beneficial way out of their home (perhaps they’ll be open to creative financing with you, for example, or even taking a big price cut because you’ve got a property that fits their needs). The second most common reason that owners turn into sellers is that they need different features in their homes, and this is often a particular issue for older homeowners looking at retirement. They often also have more equity in their properties and may be willing to make a deal with you if you can help them pull out some of that equity and also move fast. The third most common reason (one in five homeowners cite this) that people move is simple: they want or need more room. That’s great news for investors, because the inventory at the lower end of the market is what’s in big, big demand in most areas of the country. Furthermore,’s chief economist Jonathan Smoke noted thnat there are several things that actually are PREVENTING motivated sellers (seriously, the guys that will take discounted offers on their properties, folks) from actually making the move to list their homes, and that is truly exciting for an investor who knows how to attract those potential sellers’ attention (by appealing to what is making them want to move) and then is able to remove those stumbling blocks. 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