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You might think you know what to do with $487,000 in FREE MONEY, but the odds are that YOU’RE WRONG. I’ve got the details on how one investor used that exact amount of money (and it wasn’t his and it wasn’t loaned to him, either) to completely REVOLUTIONIZE his business. I’m Carole Ellis. This is episode 83. So if you think that just having $487,000 makes you rich, you may have a point, but the REAL POINT of today’s episode is that you can use this FREE MONEY to UP-END your business and your lifestyle, permanently, by following some very simple instructions. My featured guest today, Sean Carpenter, has been investing in real estate for YEARS using federal funds that he doesn’t have to pay back, public programs that he can even GET PAID to participate in, and federal, state, and local tax credits that can sometimes keep paying off for YEARS after a project is done. So basically, he’s the expert when it comes to using free money from the government to get into real estate and, to be blunt, to get rich. Here’s what he told me about these programs and how they work for real estate investors who are prepared to use them: “Government funding is an opportunity that exists out there in every major city in every major market in the country,” Sean said. He added that simply understanding the process by which one might obtain this funding is HIGHLY valuable and that a lot of investors have actually leveraged these programs indirectly by completely overhauling their careers and going into financial consulting. “If you don’t like doing deals, you don’t have to in this business,” he said. In today’s episode, we’re going to pick apart a specific deal, with Sean’s input of course, so that you can see just how to get your hands on this type of funding and then, more importantly, how to LEVERAGE it to really flip your business, your lifestyle, and your bottom line all on its head. In this case, we’re talking about a piece of property probably similar to something a lot of you have seen in your lives but didn’t really think much about seriously because even though you knew it represented huge potential income for SOMEONE, you couldn’t imagine handling the deal yourself or finding the funds to get started. This property was (is again, actually) a four-storefront commercial property that had burned down and was sitting empty. Now, imagine what you could do with a storefront in an active part of YOUR town with four units for retail lease. Think of the income that represents! But again, how to take it from burned-out husk to functioning, attractive retail space? That’s where the $487,000 in free money from the government comes in. “We did what is called an economic development value play,” Sean told me, explaining that he and his partners (by the way, Sean works with hundreds of partners who scout out deals and then bring him in to help them get funding) went to the city and asked for the money they needed to bring that retail space back to life, thereby creating business opportunities, jobs, and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. “Boom,” said Sean, “There it was. $487,000.” And perhaps the really nice thing about that $487,000 is that it was truly free. Check out these terms: It was ZERO PERCENT interest. Payable in 40 years. Forgiven in 15 years. So that means no payments were due until AFTER the loan was forgiven. How do you think that might affect your bottom line? So they took the funds and they fixed up the space and now everyone, including the city, is thrilled. Instead of a burned-down building, there’s a functional, profitable real estate space GENERATING PROFITS FOR ITS OWNERS RIGHT NOW and how did they get those profits? USING $487,000 from the city government! Are you starting to see the pattern? Now let’s think about your business for a moment. Imagine how it might change things if your job wasn’t to spot a good deal, track down investors to work with you, raise the capital to do the deal, and THEN have to actually go do the deal itself. What if your job STARTED with actually DOING THE DEAL because you already knew how to get the best funding on the best terms possible (seriously, can you beat zero percent and forgiven before the first payment?). What if your job actually started AND ENDED with finding the deals because you didn’t really feel like doing them? What if your job started and ended with landing FANTASTIC FUNDING like $487,000 in free money from the government because people would PAY YOU BIG BUCKS just to help them with that simple step on their deals and you didn’t have to do any real estate AT ALL if you didn’t feel like it? Are you starting to see the potential here? Folks, Sean didn’t just do an interview with REI Today, he actually did an extended training on this topic that includes not only a description of this $487,000 deal, but many other case studies and avenues to using government programs that don’t even require you to actually DO REAL ESTATE DEALS if you don’t want to. This training is available only for a limited time, but you can check it out at, because EXPOSED is just what Sean does to the “secret insider government programs” (and admit it, you know they’re there, you just don’t know how to find them) that you can start using, IMMEDIATELY to change the profit margin on your deals and the TYPE of deals you’re capable of doing, permanently. Folks, these are some of the BIGGEST and BEST-KEPT INSIDER SECRETS about how to make the federal government (we’re talking not just grants but tax credits, development funds, forgivable loans, the works) go to work for your real estate business the same way CONNECTED INSIDERS have been doing for YEARS. That’s REI Nation, thanks for listening in, and please always remember this: Your best investment is your own education.

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