A Firefighter's Massive Side Hussle with Timothy Lyons


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Tim Lyons is the founder & managing partner of Cityside Capital LLC, a real estate syndication and investment company that focuses on multifamily real estate assets that yield strong returns for investors.

Tim is also a lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) where he has served for 16 years. Until recently, he also worked part-time as an emergency room nurse (RN) at a level 1 trauma center.

Tim’s initial goal with real estate was to create passive income and in turn, be able to spend more time with his wife and three girls. After partnering on a small multifamily property, he saw first-hand the power of real estate investing as an opportunity to create passive income and build wealth for his family.

He started Cityside Capital with the goal of not only growing his own portfolio but also to help others realize the power that real estate investing can have on creating wealth.

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