How to Sniff Out a Lackluster Property Manager with Janet Fields


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Janet Fields is the CEO of Oak Trust Properties, a property management company in Charleston, SC. They’ve seen countless property owners get burned by subpar property managers.

With the holidays approaching, the last thing owners need is an unresponsive manager. Imagine if the oven went out the day before Thanksgiving, and the tenant couldn’t reach your property manager! You could kiss your good online reputation goodbye.

If only you could prevent property management nightmares…. Or can you?

Janet shares how to sniff out a lackluster property manager before you hire them. We chat about:

  • How to know if you should fire your current property manager
  • Red flags to look for when choosing a new property manager
  • How you and your property manager can prepare for unforeseen circumstances, like COVID19
  • The simple test to see if it’s time to hire a property manager (You’ll need a lease!)



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