Harry Dent On Why We’re Headed for the Biggest Deflation Crisis in Our Lifetimes


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When a 90-year cycle meets a 40-year downturn, what we can expect is the greatest bubble in history, followed by an adjustment that’s literally decades in the making.

Bubbles will always burst, and they will always end badly for anyone caught in the financial aftermath.

We’re about to see a big adjustment in our economy unfold right in front of our eyes, but most people are not only blind to it - but also aren’t preparing for it at all.

If you study history, you’ll always understand what’s about to happen next, and if you look at the wealthy, you’ll know what you need to be doing right now.

What are bright red signs that we’re headed for a huge downturn? How can we prepare for what’s coming? Why should we stop expecting a soft landing?

In this episode, I’m joined by world-renowned financial author and editor, Harry Dent. We talk about why the bubble we’re in right now is a cause for concern, and how to gear up for the huge deflationary period that’s coming.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The root of the crisis we’re headed for Instead of lowering interest rates and using stimulus to get the economy going, the US is printing money to offset the downturn. We’re printing as much money in 8 months as we usually print in 6 years, and that won’t come without some steep and painful consequences, culminating in a deflation crisis.

Why certain institutions survive huge market downturns The big mutually owned insurance companies are the tried and true tested institutions that make it through downturns and come out stronger on the other side. They have the money, liquidity, and ability to buy the highest value assets, which positions them for the future.

What the Gamestop situation tells us about the economy The Gamestop short sell situation we saw in January is another sign that we’re headed for a correction. When you’ve got too much liquidity in the stock market, and a war between retail investors and hedge funds, that’s a sure sign that we’re in a bubble, and bubbles always burst.

Guest Bio-

Harry S. Dent, Jr. is a best-selling author, one of the most outspoken financial editors in America, and Founder of HS Dent Publishing. Using proprietary research, Harry developed a unique method for studying economies around the world, and uses his analysis to provide insights on what to expect in the future.

Harry has appeared on “Good Morning America,” PBS, CNBC and CNN, Fox News and is a regular guest on Fox Business. He has also been featured in Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

For more information and to sign up for Harry’s free newsletter, visit https://harrydent.com.

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