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Not all hauntings occur after dark. Today we hear the story of a haunting in the broad, bright desert daylight.
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“. My best friend lived two streets down from me, so we were always running around our neighborhood together. One day, we were running up and down one street (in the bright desert DAYLIGHT!), and while running one way, we noticed a silhouette-looking figure leaning against one of the houses near the front door. It was very dark/solid and sharp around the edges, it looked very out of place, and we were SURE it was not there the last time we ran by. It was leaning back onto the stucco wall, its arms looked crossed, and it was wearing a hat kind of shaped like a fedora. My friend took a picture of it, and I would attach it, but we have no idea what happened to it. After she took the picture and as we walked away, the silhouette did not seem to "change shape/angle" as something would if you were to walk along or around it if that makes sense. We were spooked but continued what we were doing, running up and down the street. The next time we came down close to the area where the silhouette was, it was gone. We were fascinated by it from that point on, and it even became a sort of an inside joke. Here is where it gets weird. Years later, in my high school English class, we were telling paranormal stories (do not ask why, lol). One of my classmates, who was my BFF and I's friend at the time, had shared a story of the SAME kind of silhouette creature thing.”
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