Feeling Different | A Talk With Dale Quigley


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Dale Quigley grew up knowing that he was different. He didn’t quite know why until he started having visions, feeling emotions that weren’t his and having encounters with people that he knew, were no longer alive. These moments of intrigue would lead him down a path searching for answers. Answers as to just what happens to us when we’re gone, and to identify other forces out there, that may never have walked this earth.
PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

    • What does Dale think the origin of Shadow People is?
    • Has Dale ever encountered anything he would describe as dark or evil?
    • What was the dark force that tried to take over Dale while investigating the Hinsdale House?
    • What are some of the most effective ways of communicating with spirits?
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