Intuitive Empath | An Interview With Shannon Rogers


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At an incredibly young age, Shannon Rogers learned to use her abilities as an intuitive empath as a means of navigating life and the negative energy of the living that surrounded her. As a woman, she learned that these skills were still there, and in fact could play a great role in not only helping herself but others as she entered a journey of paranormal investigation. Today we hear about some of those journeys. Journeys that would lead her to confront disturbed souls who once tormented the living in their lifetimes, and some who ever walked the earth.
  • What happened when Shannon had a full-on encounter with demons?
  • Is there ever a way to identify if a family has an ancestral curse on them?
  • Seeing dead people at “haunted locations”, where the dark history is not accurate or even true, why is it that spirits seem to play the role of a myth?
  • When someone is being attacked in their home, does Shannon ever feel in danger?
  • What is Shannon’s biggest fear when investigating a haunted location?
  • What draws Shannon to a haunted location?
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