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What do you do when your father dismisses all of your paranormal experiences when you long for understanding and acceptance? Does it take him having his own disturbing encounter to make him believe?
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“At the showing, the family decided to stay in the house while he was looking at it. It is not normal to see a house with the owners in it, but they insisted on staying. He walked around the house, and when he got to a bedroom, an old lady stood in the doorway and would not let him in. He said she gave him sort of a mean look, and he had to look over her shoulders into the room. He saw enough. They left, and outside, my Dad told the agent that he would make an offer and try to win it. He said that he wanted to make a low-ball offer, and the agent fought him on it, saying that it will most likely be denied. He offered what would be a disrespectful price, and it was immediately accepted.”
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