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What happens when two friends visit a paranormal museum? Do they bring home more than just memories?
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“Saw a hallway and then a doorway with a curtain, but there was a sign that said employees only so I turned around and went back to the bookstore hoping the nausea feeling would pass. Went back to looking at the ghost hunting equipment in the cabinet and as I was standing there, I got an uncomfortable feeling and a chill. Suddenly, I felt like a breath behind me on my neck and heard in my right ear, a high-pitched voice that said very loudly, "Hi!". Wow, that made me jump! I quickly turned around but there was no one near me. Have children, so to me, it sounded like my young son, like the voice of a boy around age 10. Started to look around the bookstore for a child around that age but there was not anyone around that looked like that. At that point, I panicked and ran up to my friend who was still in line to buy tickets. Gave her a 20-dolllar bill and said I had to get the hell out of there and would wait for her outside. Went outside and just sat down on the sidewalk. Must have looked strange because a few people walked up to me to ask if I was feeling okay. The feeling of nausea started to subside and when my friend came out, she asked me what happened. Told her what I experienced while she was paying for the tickets. Then the tour started. The tour lasted about an hour and a half and as the tour ended, the guide walked us back to the front of the museum.”
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