Who Are We When We Die | The Grave Talks Preview


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When we pass on, how much influence do we have on our current physical world? Are we able to help solve crimes? Can we right the wrongs of the past? Can we influence those who need to move in a positive direction, or drive those we hate into madness? Or, can we simply choose to come back as a new evolved human, with past lessons under our belt, ready to live a life of heightened awareness? So many questions, and so few answers. Today we discuss all of these theories and questions with Gare Allen.
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Can the dead reincarnate in a place other than our planet?
If we all are reincarnated, do we have a choice if we want to be a ghost?
Can a soul ever die and not reincarnate?
What was the sign Gare received from the other side that his mother was ok after death?

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