Episode 42 - Ory Weihs (Team Odeon, Founder of XLMedia, Investor)


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In this episode we speak with Ory Weihs. He’s an experienced founder and investor. He founded XLMedia PLC in 2003 and ran it for 16 years, growing it from a small startup to a London Stock Exchange listed leader. In 2020 he founded Team Odeon, which focuses on the higher education and vocational training sectors. I think all of us at the Real Life Superpowers community can relate to any doing that is focused on vocation and self-fulfilment. He’s super successful and as you’ll hear, very down to earth and modest. There's an underlying theme of serendipity in his life and openness to trying new things and taking chances. That seems like a good baseline to positioning for success. We discuss: • What it feels like to scale up to a company that’s listed in a stock exchange • Why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a CFO in your venture • The advantages and disadvantages of taking a company public • Lifestyle businesses, businesses that aren’t profitable for years, and everything in between • What he looks for when investing in a startup • And much more..! We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we enjoyed having it.

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