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“What is resiliency?” Andy Grant asks Resilient Culture Specialist, Jodi Woelkerling. Jodi is a coach and author who works with individuals and business leaders to help them build resilient cultures and individuals. In today’s episode, Jodi and Andy have a topical discussion about the importance of stress management and how it goes hand in hand with resilience training.

Jodi explains her three-level process to helping her clients build resilience skills. She begins with level one, which highlights your body's natural reaction to stress, also known as fight or flight. Jodi explains the importance of recognition in this step, specifically through diverting your body away from physiological responses. She then explains level two: staying in a state of calm. Instead of being constantly on edge, Jodi encourages clients to practice staying in a state of calmness to prevent stressful outbursts. Lastly, Jodi dives into level three, which is recognizing that 95% of our behavior stems from the subconscious mind and we must dig into our traumas to reach full resilience.

Tune into this week's episode of Real Men Feel for a conversation with Jodi Woelkerling about welcoming resilience into our lives. Learn about the differences between how men and women deal with stress, how resilience has shown its face in the pandemic in both negative and positive ways, and what the actual definition of resilience really is!


• “The starting point is always recognizing in yourself when you are being affected by stress.” (7:55-8:02)

• “In terms of lifestyle, the three basics are sleep, diet and exercise….People really underestimate the effects of those on our ability to deal with the stressors in our life.” (13:22-13:28)

• “Find ways that you can process and move through [a negative emotion] rather than suppressing it, so that it doesn’t become blocked in you and it doesn’t become an underlying bubbling away under the surface.” (14:45-15:04)

• “95% of our behavior is from the subconscious mind.” (17:15-17:20)

• “There might have been a message that people picked up when they were a child that said ‘If I ask for help, it shows I'm weak.’ This is a common one that men experience.” (19:35-19:55)

• “From a cultural perspective, resilience is norms and leadership.” (26:55-27:01)

• “Some people are triggered more than others by stressors because of underlying beliefs and perceptions.” (28:58-29:05)

• “When I am working with foundations and leaders, the first step is always developing their own resilience.” (30:30-30:35)


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