7 Ways to Make a Huge Splash with a Media Appearance Interview


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Lauren has been blessed to have been interviewed on multiple platforms over the years, and she has a few tips to share that she coaches her clients with pre-interview.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Why you want to make a splash with even the smallest media appearance.
  2. How using behind-the-scenes content can be gold.
  3. Why it is so important to send a thank you to the interviewer and thank them in your social media content.
  4. How to build up the interview on social media before and after it happened.
  5. What it means to prepare your soundbites and end them with a period.
  6. Why you should always act more excited and be louder than you think you need to be.
  7. How far showing up and appreciating 150% can go.

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