Reggie Rivers: Your Audience is Your Team, From the NFL to Creating Transformation in Business and Fundraising


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In this episode, Lauren welcomes Reggie Rivers, who built his personal brand on the platform of fundraising.

After a career in the NFL and journalism, Reggie decided his passion was helping purposeful organizations raise money. Reggie is a former NFL running back who played six seasons for the Denver Broncos. Later, he discovered his true love in life: serving as an auctioneer at charity galas to help nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals.

He created The Gala Team, The Virtual Gala Team, and Auction Fundraising Academy out of his love for nonprofit fundraising success and continues to grow the impact these businesses have on the community year after year, one event at a time.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Lauren and Reggie Rivers were introduced.
  2. His NFL football and journalism background.
  3. How The Gala Team was founded.
  4. The psychology of creating team-mentality with your audience.
  5. The way Reggie trains his auctioneers to make people feel like they’re working as a team for a great cause.
  6. What Reggie did to rapidly change gears in order to continue fundraising auctions during an ongoing pandemic.
  7. How to create an event that doesn’t look like a typical virtual event and make your fundraising events stand out.
  8. Why most nonprofits can benefit from virtual events.
  9. What makes perfectionism a killer when it comes to planning.
  10. How Reggie is addressing the pandemic during his virtual events.
  11. The two tips Reggie would give to struggling nonprofits.

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