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What a year this has been!

Welcome to the very first episode of my rebranded podcast. This podcast used to be called The Business Event Playbook Podcast and now it is changing to the Real Personal Branding Podcast. Don’t worry, the older episodes won’t go away, but I can’t wait to tell you more about my new direction.

I started the year with my new podcast about the LIVE business event space and the thought-leaders behind the events— and I found as I was talking to these inspiring entrepreneurs, what thrilled me was the different *platforms* they used to build their profitable personal brands.

What do I mean by platforms? Some use events. Some use podcasts. Some use YouTube. Some use their blogs. Some use the stage. Some use their book launches. I love it all and the amount of episodes with incredible guests I have yet to release ABOUT the business event space is kind of mind-blowing… This theme is not going away but rather being improved as we dig much deeper into personal branding.

You will learn more about me through the context of this show but I am a marketing strategist for leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs, I also own a brick and mortar record store with my husband in Rockford IL. It’s a unique story which is why it is my vision to not only tell the other unique stories of fellow entrepreneurs but to pull out tactical starting points for you and begin cultivating your own personal brand to become a leader in your community, whether that be an online community or local community.

The Real Personal Branding podcast with Lauren V Davis is your VIP access to thought-leaders, speakers, authors, coaches and the secrets behind how they built their personal brand businesses.

I believe the unescapable magic power you have in your business starts with your relationships first, and then your communication through marketing as the foundation of your personal brand.

I want you to build a profitable personal brand that shows up optimally for your people. Your personal brand and the platform you use to build it, is an essential tool to your personal development and success of your business.

For entrepreneurs who want to build their audience and leadership, there is no better way than through building and marketing your relationship-driven personal brand.

Find me here: https://www.instagram.com/ldaviscreative

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