Episode 138: MBC Week - Action & Advocacy


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Everyone can make a difference in the life of someone living with this disease by urging elected officials in Washington DC to pass pending legislation that would directly help this community. Today, we're going to be talking about advocacy and why it's so important to alleviate patient burden through robust public policies that recognize both the financial toxicity of treating breast cancer and the systemic hurdles patients must pass through to access their care.

Here today to share her personal story is Stephanie Walker. Stephanie is a registered nurse with close to 40 years of clinical practice experience with the last 15 years working in hospice and end of life care, when she received her MBC diagnosis in 2015. After health issues caused her to leave her work in 2018, she was faced with stark financial realities that MBC patients often encounter.

Through it all, Stephanie learned to be her best advocate and is passionate about teaching other men and women with MBC how to do that too. Stephanie, welcome to the show.

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