Sarah Nicole Landry AKA The Birds Papaya On Owning Our Imperfections, Releasing People Pleaser Guilt, & Body After Baby Revelations


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Sarah Nicole Landry, AKA @thebirdspapaya, is a writer, podcaster, mom of four, and influencer with over 2 million social media followers! Sarah started her blog The Birds Papaya over 10 years ago after feeling inspired by the comradery of stay at home moms. What started as a late night passion project turned into a massive community where Sarah has cultivated powerful social media conversations around life and our experiences in it! In this episode, Sarah reveals how women are trained to fall on the sword for everybody else, the difference between our relationship with our body versus ourselves, and why divorce is always on the table for her and her husband (we know what you’re thinking… but you have to hear the full story!) So if you’re feeling like you put everyone else in your life first, are frustrated with not being able to crack open that “self-help” book, or you have felt like your emotions are building up inside, this episode is for you!

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