Schuyler Bailar: The First Transgender D1 Athlete Shares His Story & Why Trans Athletes Should Be Allowed To Play Sports


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Schuyler Bailar is a former NCAA D1 athlete who competed on the Harvard Men’s Swimming Team. He is also a public speaker, LGBTQ activist, and has been featured in thousands of publications globally including The Washington Post, Guardian, ABC News, and ESPN. While attending Harvard, Schuyler became the first publicly documented transgender athlete on any NCAA D1 men’s team, received Harvard’s Director’s Award (the 7th in its history,) and his final times in his event ranked him in the top 15% of all NCAA men’s swimmers! In today’s episode, Schuyler provides us with a “Harvard level education” on gender assignment and identity, his full transition story, what it was like to join a Division I Men’s team, & how the misogyny of the patriarch could possibly ruin women’s sports! If you are looking to better understand the conversation surrounding trans athletes and high level sport, this episode with Schuyler will be game changing!

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