Bloating & Gut Healing: Culprits, Hormone Connection & Solutions


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Today, we are talking about gut health and bloating. This is a question that I'm asked about so often. Let’s talk through the causes of what can be messing with our gut and the reason there’s a connection between our gut and our hormone health.

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In This Episode of Real SOULutions:

02:00 – Stress

03:20 – Dinking too many drug medications

04:20 – Environmental toxins

07:34 – Importance of our gut and hormone health

08:53 – Go to the bathroom at least once a day

09:42 – Gut Dysbiosis

10:20 – Leaky gut

11:26 – Inflammation in the gut

13:23 – 5 quick tips to heal bloating

16:11 – Foods to heal our gut

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